Our Mission

Why We Exist...

Bible Fellowship Church started August 1973 in a local residence with nine people. They met for approximately nine months and then Eugene Bengtson joined the group with the suggestion of starting a church. In May of 1974 the group began to meet publicly in the Sebring High School auditorium. They met there for a brief time before moving into the library, which better met their needs. They met in the school library for about five years and became an organized church during that time.

In 1980 the first building was constructed. It was paid for in the first year and the inside construction was done by volunteer labor. This building would hold about 250 people. Shortly thereafter, the need was felt for more Sunday school rooms and a fellowship hall. The same company added an additional wing, which provided the classrooms, offices, bathrooms and nursery. Also added was overflow space for the worship service. Now the building would hold about 350 people for worship services.

As the church continued to grow, it was felt by the Board of Elders that the church needed to maximize the use of the property and therefore the new sanctuary with offices and restrooms was planned. The Board decided not to borrow money for the construction so it took approximately 9 years to complete this project.

Today, BFC is a diverse community of Christian people, independently organized as a non-denominational church.

Historically, BFC’s ministry vision has been unswerving commitment to Bible study and to missionary outreach. Our passion is to “Reach the Lost, and Grow the Saved.”