Virtual Prayer Meeting

Virtual Prayer Meeting Today:

Though we cannot meet together in space and time, we can meet together in prayer around a common theme each day.  Let's join together each day in spirit to pray for the following COVID-19 crisis requests:

5/30 - Many believers are expressing gratitude for the gift of extra time with Jesus social distancing has permitted them to experience. "Now's the Time for Rest," says one commentator. Have you experienced this? Then let's give thanks for this unexpected gift.

5/29 - "Grandparenting is Tough in a Pandemic," says one headline. Too much or too little time with the kids, is stressing some out. Pray for grace, patience and joy as families work through the social challenges of the pandemic.

5/28 - Economic concerns, national, local and personal persist. Opening up socially, may not erase the damage the pandemic has caused for individuals or the nation. Let's pray for generosity, patience, forgiveness and charity as we all work through what is best to be done.

5/27 - Reopening schools this fall is a major concern for local officials all around the country. Everyone want to be wise and do what makes sense. Let's pray for our local officials to be given insight as they think through this issue.

5/26 - As the nation begins to open back up, Public Health officials are warning of the danger of a "second wave" if the populace throws caution to the wind. Let's pray for all to be wise as we try to finds ways to live with a disease that apparently will be around for a while.

5/25 - "Us vs. Them in a Pandemic: Researchers warn division could get dangerous," screams a headline. Certainly some folks do tend to run to excess in times of crisis. Let's ask the Lord to make His church a calming influence on those tottering on the edge emotionally during this time of turmoil.

5/24 - "Church, Don't Let COVID-19 Divide You!" said a recent article. The concern is that the various opinions among us will cause friction and division as we regather on Sundays. Let's pray for the peace of God that passes all understanding in our onsite services beginning June 7th.

5/23 - Experts in the field are concerned about the potential for unreported child abuse during this time of social distancing. Pray God's protection for those at risk during this time of crisis.

5/22 - "She was fighting COVID-19 and gave birth in a coma. She met her baby five weeks later," says a headline. Obviously God still acts graciously among us, even in times of crisis. Thank the Lord for His gracious work through medical professionals during these days of turmoil.

5/21 - "COVID-19 is a Class Divide," says one commentator. Whether that is true or not, certainly the potential is there for such division. Let's pray against societal cracks that seem to be developing among us during this time of challenge.

5/20 - One headline says, "We're already in a Great Depression," while another announces: "NOT Another Great Depression." Truthfully, only the Lord knows what is going to happen next. Let's pray for God's people to keep our heads and trust Him no matter what comes to pass.