Virtual Prayer Meeting

Virtual Prayer Meeting Today:

Though we cannot meet together in space and time, we can meet together in prayer around a common theme each day.  Let's join together each day in spirit to pray for the following COVID-19 crisis requests:

7/27 - Nothing is impossible for God. What impossible thing do you need Him to do for you, a loved one, a friend or a stranger today? "Ask and you shall receive," said Jesus. What thing according to His will can you ask for today?

7/28 - When we abide in Him was are promised that we will bear much fruit. How are you doing at abiding these days? Has the noise of the world overwhelmed your focus on the Savior? Let's pray for constant abiding to be our daily portion.

7/29 - The Lord is the best Father in the world to His children.  He provides; He comforts; He protects; He sustains.  Today, let's praise Him because He is a good, good Father!

7/30 - God takes special notice of the weak among His children.  The promise of Scripture is that "He gives power to the weak."  Feel weak?  Need power?  Call on His name, trusting Him to keep His promise for yourself and others. 

7/31 - In Scripture, darkness is ignorance of God and light is knowledge of Him.  The promise of Scripture is that God has shined the light of the knowledge of Him into the darkness of this present world and that the darkness will never overcome His light!  Today, praise Him for the Light!

8/1 - We are commanded to "strive for peace and holiness" in Scripture.  With whom do you need peace today?  What steps of holiness can you accomplish today?  We can ask the Lord to help us achieve these aspirations.  

8/2 - The knowledge of God leads us into a deeper hunger for God.  The promise of Scripture is that those who "hunger and thirst for righteousness" will be satisfied.  Let's ask the Lord for a greater vision of His glory and a greater hunger for His righteousness. 

8/3 - God wants to "guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus," but the qualification is that we must give everything to Him "by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving."  Easy enough!  What do you have today that you need to entrust to His care (with thanksgiving!)? 

8/4 - God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and the promise of Scripture is that He will open to us His good treasury in the heavens.  What are your needs or the needs of others you'd like to bring to His attention today?