BFC's Reopening Plan

BFC's Plan:


Greetings from Pastor Todd,

The Elders have been praying and talking about re-opening. I am happy to inform
you that BFC re-opened on June 7th.  We realize there are many
thoughts and opinions concerning this matter. 

While reading how other churches are handling their re-opening plans, I was
reminded of Colossians 3:14: “And above all put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.”

Below are six things to be aware of as we gather:

+ If you are not feeling well or if you are in the high-risk category, we want you to stay home. Our Facebook Live and YouTube streaming will continue for you.

+We will open and close exterior doors for you.

+We ask you to use hand sanitizing stations as you enter the building.

+We encourage you to wear a facemask while at church.

+We have BLUE dots on the seats to identify available seating so we can continue social distancing. Please sit ONLY where a blue dot is located.

+There are no Sunday school classes at this point.

+There is no Nursery available for either service. 

We have two (2) services. Our first service at 9:00 am is for those families and individuals that do not have children living in your home.  Our second service begins at 11:00 am, this is our family friendly service.  We don’t have coffee or donuts between services; if needed you may bring your own water. 

Looking forward to worshipping with you!     

Pastor Todd