Worthy Of An Audience With The King

Author: Ed Algreen
July 09, 2019


Bible Reference: Luke 7:6-7
Translation: The Passion Translation (TPT)

Bible Text: 6–7 Jesus started off with them, but on his way there, he was stopped by friends of the captain, who gave this message: “Master, don’t bother to come to me in person, for I am not good enough for you to enter my home. I’m not worthy enough to even come out to meet one like you. But if you would just release the manifestation of healing right where you are, I know that my young servant will be healed.

OBSERVATION: It’s amazing how we could feel on ‘top of the world’ at times, yet at other times we feel intimidated and unworthy of even being in the presence of certain people that we have placed on pedestals – at least in our minds. In our focal verses today we read about a leading citizen who, in spite of his monetary worth and prominence, felt unworthy to have Jesus come to his home. Let’s consider our thoughts on this today…

APPLICATION: Some reading this devotional today may be in charge of large corporations, while some may be simple gardeners who enjoy being away from a crowd. Is it possible that both types of individuals may feel intimidated by certain individuals? After reading today’s scripture, I believe that the answer to the above question is clearly ‘yes’! For both types of individuals could be humbled by the thought of meeting with certain individuals. I believe that the primary lesson for us to learn here today is that we should never position ourselves to a place of honor. Yes, we might be considered elevated among the poor, if we are wealthy. We might feel elevated above the homeless, if we live in a very nice home, or above the unemployed if we supervise lots of people in a very important job. But have you ever felt great respect for an individual who was at the very bottom financially, but yet spoke great words of wisdom about life in general? I pray that we will never place ourselves on a pedestal where we are unreachable by God and/or man. In our story, this Captain had built the local temple, so I believe that he was rich in finances, and rich in generosity – wanting to share his wealth. He knew that healing came from Jesus alone, so he sent the religious (Jewish) leaders to ask Jesus to come and heal his servant. It sounds like the closer Jesus got to his home, the more worried he became about having God’s Son visit with him. Notice that the emphasis changed from the urgent need of the servant, to the overwhelming inadequacy of the master. I believe it was evident that the captain started examining himself and realized that he was unworthy of having Jesus see him in that condition, so he sent word asking Jesus to heal his servant from a distance. Is that how we feel at times when we know that the fear or suspicions of others will be confirmed if they popped in on us for a visit? Are we afraid of the many eyebrows that will be raised if we walk into that popular church downtown, because they already know what we’re like in our business life? Friends, I believe a real lesson that we all need from this story today, is that in this world we are all on a level paying field without Jesus in our hearts. For we are not known as CEO, or President, of Chairman of the Board, or Garbage Truck helper, but collectively we are known as sinners in need of a Savior. Alternately, when we surrender lordship of our lives to Jesus, we are not known to God as Priest, or Pastor, or Elder, or church Janitor, for we are all sinners saved by His awesome grace – or children of the Almighty God! So can we tear down those walls today and align ourselves with the King of all kings, and allow Him who created us, to lead us each and every day? Just as we (Christians) were beggars looking for the rich food of heaven, let us then redirect our energies towards helping other beggars looking for the same ‘food’ that we found in knowing Jesus Christ. On that great Judgment Day, it will not matter what sort of CEO we were, for that CEO will be judged by the same Lord that the Captain’s servant stands accountable to. For it is by grace that we are saved, and not because of any good works or monetary gifts that we may share with others. In Christ alone, we stand humbled before the Father, knowing that it was only because of His grace that we are saved!

PRAYER: Thank You heavenly Father for sending Your precious, only Son, as a sacrifice for our sin, so that through grace alone, we might enjoy eternal life with You in glory! There is no greater joy! Please humble Your children today, so that we may not only enjoy our rich heritage, but that we may be humbled into helping others find the richness of a relationship with You. Oh that You may be lifted up today dear Lord, so that You may complete what You have promised in Your Word, that You will draw all men unto Yourself. AMEN!